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All of the accommodations offered by Principle Properties are rented directly from home owners who have sought our help. Principle Properties arranges the viewings, the contracts, the inventory lists, and so much more. The final lease is concluded between the home owner and the tenant.

Yes, we are licensed by the municipal government of Amsterdam. Accommodation Service license number:  H90859

Principle Properties is active in Amsterdam and the immediate surroundings. We also manage properties in such places as Amstelveen, Zaandam and Oudekerk aan de Amstel.

Yes, all our accommodations are rented according to the rules and regulations of the municipality of Amsterdam, which makes it possible to register at the address.

We usually advise our clients to start their search at least 2 weeks to 1 month prior to their arrival in the Netherlands. A period longer than 1 month creates a risk that the accommodation you are aiming for will be rented out before you arrive. Shorter than one month is no problem at all, as most accommodations on our site do not tend to stay vacant for very long, so the closer to the actual check-in date, the better.

In some cases, but it always depends on the owner.

There are two scenarios which you must take into account. (1) The owner has all of the utilities in his/her name. When you check-in, the metre reading is recorded and included in the contract. When you check-out, another metre reading is taken and the tenant is either reimbursed or is required to pay for the excess use. (2) The owner has disconnected the utilities. In this case, the tenant must engage a utility company on his/her own accord. Option 1 is far more common in the Netherlands.

In almost all cases, landlines and Internet connections are not present, and tenants are expected to have these connections installed under their own name. Some owners, however, do already have a connection in place. We will always discuss this item with you before you sign the lease.

That all depends on your needs. The centre of Amsterdam including the Jordaan area is very popular. Parking in this area is a nightmare however. Parking could cost you € 45 a day! What’s more, there is a 6 year waiting list for parking permits. So, the centre and the Jordaan area are only suitable for tenants without a car. In some exceptional cases indoor parking is available. The south of Amsterdam, including the Pijp and the Rivierenbuurt areas, are very popular among younger people, with lots of cafes, restaurants and markets within walking distance.  Amsterdam south has a reputation as being a high-end residential area.  The north of Amsterdam lies across the IJ River. There you will find more affordable accommodations.

We offer apartments in nearly every corner of Amsterdam, including surrounding cities and towns. Generally speaking, apartment prices decline the further away from the centre you go.

To property owners who consider to outsource the management of their property during a rent out we recommend to contact De BeheerCompagnie.

De BeheerCompagnie offers the following services:

  • Point count assessment and energy performance certificate: guarantee the property can be rented out in the free sector
  • Prepare a property for a rent out: cleaning, furnishing and renovation
  • Administrative & financial management: outsource the concerns of a rent out, while keeping the benefits
  • Technical management: 24*7 professional service for maintenance and calamities

In most cases, we will mention sharing possibilities in the description on the website. If it is not included in the description, we would be happy to contact the owner for you.

Yes, the standard in the Netherlands is as follows: For a fully furnished accommodation, a  2 month deposit must be paid. For a decorated accommodation, a one month deposit will suffice.

The deposit is fully refundable unless damage has been done to the property. On the day that you move in, we perform a check-in, where we take you on a walk-through of the accommodation with an inventory list and an inspection report. Tenants are required to sign this list, and to ensure that all the furniture and everything else in the house is still there when you check-out.

No, there is no charge for tenants. Our revenues are acquired via the home/property owners only.