Rental apartments in the Pijp

If you are looking for an apartment in Amsterdam, you could do a lot worse than looking at the area of De Pijp, immediately south of the historic city centre. The district, also sometimes referred to as Amsterdam’s “Latin Quarter”, was once the home of the city's poor students and artists, but is now a lively mixture of cultures, foods and sights, and very popular with business professionals and ex-pats looking for apartment rentals in the city. De Pijp, which translates as “The Pipe” and may refer to a small waterway (more of a ditch) that ran through the area in earlier times, offers some of Amsterdam’s most charming rental apartments, with many houses dating back to the 1700s.

The ideal central location of the Pijp

Apartments in De Pijp are sought after, because of the area’s proximity to the town centre, the excellent rail, road and other transport links and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the area. Apartments in De Pijp are a popular option for those who are looking to rent in a central location, that still retains a "neighbourhood" feel. The area has several lovely parks including Vondelpark, Sarphatipark and Beatrixpark, and several museums are also close, including the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The famous Albert Cuyp market (every day except Sunday) is also a great asset to the neighbourhood.

Paradise of food 

If you need any more persuasion to consider de Pijp as the location for your Amsterdam apartment, you should know that De Pijp is a foodie’s paradise. The neighbourhood is home to almost 150 nationalities and the food choices certainly reflect this. A variety of authentic and exotic ethnic cuisine is on offer, such as Syrian, Moroccan, Surinamese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and more, all within walking distance. Find apartments in de Pijp